Hi, I would like to share with you about Halloween day!!!

Yesterday, it was Halloween

We wore a costume as you see~


I wore the Jack O lantern's costume and the chef, Mr. Yamamoto put a cute mask and rabbit's ear on! Lol

He is so cuteeeeee~?


And I met the guest who was wearing Joker's painting!


She made me surprised.

Look at this, so high quality and imitating very well!!!

I am sure she might have been to Shibuya. Lol

They are from Finland.


They stayed with us and gave us a gift from Finland.

Such a cute shirt!

If you had a great experience something on Halloween in Japan like being at Shibuya ...

Tell me about it★

Thank you for reading!

Posted by: Sumire (November 1, 2019 6:39 PM)

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