Hi, everyone!

I would like to introduce you about FUGU which is a blowfish.

Have you ever been had them?

My friend took me to the restaurant nearby our hotel in Ikebukuro.


I have had Fugu once when I visit Yamaguchi prefecture which is known for production of Fugu!

The restaurant served a fancy gorgeous Fugu cuisine.

This is a Fugu Sashimi which means sliced row fugu!

The way of eating is normally picking them up and dipping into a special soy sauce.

You feel it crunchy because they are hard to chew, but the taste is good!

Secondly, I ate deep fried Fugu.


I prefer deep fried one than raw one.

Finally, this is the most interetsting Fugu cuisine that I want to introduce you.

It is Fugu nabe.


I guess Nabe is the one of Japanese traditional dishes which contains some vegetables and meats with some different kind of broth in a hot pot.

This pot has a sliced fugu, a mashroom and some vegetable, comes with ponzu vinegar.

You can really enjoy it by many diffrent way to eat.

If you haven't had it yet, please try it someday!!!

Thank you for reading it! Sumire★

Posted by: Sumire (November 14, 2019 4:06 PM)

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