DESIGN FESTA Vol.50 has been started from 16th to 17th.

Located in Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1st floor C area.

Did you go to see our shop???(^^)

I helped our shop as a casher!

It was much fun but exhausted.....★


We sold some kind of menu in 2 days.

・Bento(Japanese Lunch Box)

⇒Onigiri Bento with Miso soup

⇒Jasmine Rice Bento with soup? 700 yen


⇒Hot yuzu Lemonade with cookie?

⇒Honey Rose hip tea with cookie? 500 yen

bottle of drinks and alcohol too★☆?


As a result of yesterday.........

All Jasmine Bento has sold out !!!!!!!!!!!All done!!!!!!

Thank you for coming and buying (^V^*)

By the way.....I wonder how was going today.......???

I hope it would?be sold out? all ...haha

I forgot to take pictures but I was hard work!(~V~)might help next Event too....??


If you guys have a chance to come to this event,Please join and have fun!!!!


See you next time♪

Posted by: aya (November 17, 2019 8:08 PM)

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