There are many handicrafts displayed in the showcase at the lobby of the hotel.
They are beautifully made and just looking at them makes you feel like you are
in the middle of an art museum.


All the handicrafts are made of bamboo and the method of making them is unique.
While usually bamboo is weaved into artworks or handicrafts,this method is to cut
and connect bamboo with special technique.
That's why the bamboo crafts in front of you have many curved lines and evenness.
They are made by a very talented craftman who, in a way, can "talk" to bamboo
and is able to highlight the character of each piece of bamboo because of that.


The craftman is Chuzo Tozawa.
He is acually a world famous furniture upholsterer and his works are used
in many prominent places like the imperial palace, the parliament building,
luxurious hotels and etc.


When you stay at our hotel, please look at the handicrafts closely and
enjoy their intricacy

Posted by: michikazu (November 23, 2019 1:42 AM)

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