What kind of noodle you like?

Ramen, Soba, Udon etc.. are good options when you're in Japan, aren't they?

So this time, let me talk about "Soba" that is one of my favourites.


Actually, there're loads of soba restaurants

and varieties from standing-up-eating style to high graded one

depending on your budget.


Normally, having soba doesn't cost you much,

however, if you're able to afford

and don't like to miss an opportunity that might be once in a lifetime when travelling,

I'd recommend you to pay a visit the restaurants listed in "Michlin Guide".


BTW, Do you know Tokyo has more than 200 restaurants starred in the guide?

More than double the ones in Paris, more than triple the ones in London or New York.


One of the soba restaurants called "Tamawarai"

located in Harajuku area, has been one starred restaurant in Michelin Guide since 2013.


Though you might feel a bit expensive as soba,

I guarantee this quite simple dish makes you feel "class" of Japanese food.


(With grated radish and herring)

Not only soba, small plates like rolled egg are also served.



Needless to say, they're absolutely brilliant.

This restaurant is highly recommended and worth trying if you're a person loves soba.


See ya!

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Posted by: aki (August 6, 2015 3:09 PM)

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