Hi, it is Sumire !

I would like to share with you about the one of my favorites.

Have you ever been to Katsuura city in Chiba prefecture?

Katsuura city is about 2 hours away from Tokyo station by train.


There are nature and beautiful ocean and mountains!

So, when I visit there, I ran the road beside ocean.

It was very nice landscape and fresh air which made me refresh!!!!

For a food, I would like to recommend you the restaurant.

It is called "Kakkurau Shokudou", means overeating, dialect in Katsuura.


They serve delicious fresh foods.

I ordered their original dish called "Kakkurau Teisyoku".

It is some row fishes like a tuna or other fishes on the rice in a bowl.


And it costs just 1,000 yen! Very reasonable!

Actually, there is always line up in the front of the restaurant.

However, I bet that it is worth it!!!!

If you have a chance to visit there, please try to go to the restaurant.

Thank you for reading ★

Posted by: Sumire (October 19, 2019 12:05 PM)

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