Hi, it's Sumire !

Today I would like to inform that we held the event last Sunday.

The festival is our annual event which is held in Ikebukuro area and you can carry a portable shrine together!


This time, 7 guests who staying with us and are from Thailand, Hungary and the US.

It was the first time to join the festival and carry it for them.

We took them to the place and let them put-on the Happi.



It looks good on them all!!!

After practiced, we moved to the main place for carrying a portable shrine.

There is a specific shout "Wasshoi! Wasshoi!" during carrying it.


Everybody got excited!

I guess it will be a great memory in Japan for you.

ONCE a year!!!!


Please join us next time if you are in JAPAN!

Posted by: Sumire (October 3, 2019 6:08 PM)

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