Hello you guys:)

I went to ★Disney Sea★ my last day off that the first time in 3 years!!
and also They had decoration for Halloween.It was nice atmosphere all area in the park!


One of the reason why i'm going there.

They have built a new attraction called "Soaring:Fantastic Flight ,that's why!!!!!

The attraction is you can feel like flying all over the world on the seat.

Actually we lined up for about three hours in the sun....the day was pretty hot we ate ice cream in the line

and got a sunburn on my arms...omg...even it's end of september....


They have some kind of special food for Halloween!!!

This is called "Tipotorta" thta purple sweet potato taste its my best one soooo yammy!!!!!

If you going there,please take it!!!


This is like steamed vegetable bun!!

It was tasty as well★


Than you for reading my blog and see you next time★

Posted by: trainee (October 2, 2019 4:55 PM)

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