In the summer and the autum, we are able to enjoy many kinds of fruits.
When I travel abroad, especially in tropical region, I like trying various kinds of fruits
many of which are very rare in Japan.
They are like mango, papaya,rambutan,mangosteen,durian,jackfruit,starfruit,etc.
To me, they are very unique both in taste and looks and exiotic enough to add new excitment to the journy.



Fruits in Japan are common ones unfortunately like strawberry, melon, chery etc.
But they are selling well all over the world as they are beautiful and spotless and,
needless to say, very delicious.
However, one drawback, they are expensive, especially brand ones which are often suposed to
be bought as the gift to someone or marketed for the purpose of export.

Japanese pineapple

Since farm land is very limited in Japan, Japanese farming has taken quality oriented policies and methods
so that it can effectively make high profit from little produce.

Nowadays, Japanese fruits you find in foreign countries are 10 times or sometimes even 20 times more expensive than local fruits of the same kind.
Therefore, in oil rich countries in the Middle East, Japanese fruits are called "eatable diamond".

Japanese grape

Japanese melon

SakuraCafe Ikebukurooffers many kinds of fresh fruit juice.

Posted by: michikazu (September 9, 2019 9:23 AM)

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