Hello you guys!!

Have you been to Japan???

If you thinking about come to Japan,Please stay with us and have good experience together(^^)

We have some kind of Japanese event that you must be enjoy it for our lovely guests.

I will share it a little bit,If you like please join us☆彡


?Kawagoe Soy sauce Ramen Tour★September 13th 11:00AM?

you can tasting 2 kinds of broth and tour of a histrical factory.

We are sure a lot of guests really like Japanese Ramen and exploring around for Ramen♪

So Why don't you join this event???you can sign up at reception or give us e-mail!!!!!

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!



?Sumo Stable Visit★Watching Morning Training September 7th 8:00AM?

This is a self guided tour but you need to sign up at reception!!

Almost Japanese haven't been there,so We really want you to experience this tour at least once!

This sport is really traditional sport in Japan as you know!


?The natural disaster preventation tour★its over but we maight be held next year.

There are some natural disaster in Japan.

We never know when one might happen...Its so terrifying.....

then you can that experience to prepared to take out during emergencies if you come to Japan.


?Flowing somen Event★its over but we maight be held next year.

This is a Japanese traditional summer event.

you can feel summer with Japnanese summer food somen that is right and easy to eat!

also using bamboo as flowing item!!!!


Please come to stay with us and join us!!!!!!!!We hope you have a good time in Japan!!!!


Posted by: trainee (September 3, 2019 12:47 PM)

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