For sure, Japanese words like "IKURA DESUKA" (How much ?), "ARIGATOU"( Thank you ) and " SUMIMASEN "(Excuse me )are helpful.
But those words are kinda mundane and boring actually.
So I would like you to know words or expressions that are unique to Japanese.

The first one is "ITADAKIMASU"


You use the word just before you dig in.
It is the expression to show your appreciation toward food in front of you.
And also supposedly your thought must be deep enough to be thankful to farmers or fishermen or other food-related prfessionals that brought the precious dishes to your table at the same time.

Furthermore, if you were a master of the word, you would be able to express your gratitude to the sacrifice of animals that have become part of your meal.
You see, "ITADAKIMASU" is not just simple syllables. It can convey your appreciative sincere heart and deep thougtful mind to the universe !

OK, then, repeat after me. "I・TA・DA・KI・MA・SU"

Great ! I can see Japanese people being surprised when you successfully say it at the table !

Next, lesson two, "GOCHISOUSAMA".


You use this word just after you finish eating.

It is the expression to show your appreciation toward food you just have finished
and supposedly your thougut must be...


Had enough?

Well, ok, then, repeat after me."GO・CH・I...


Too much?

Actually in this kind of case, you can say "GOCHISOUSAMA" figuratively and playfully
to show you've just had enouhg and don't wanna take it any more.

Posted by: michikazu (September 1, 2019 6:14 AM)

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