[[The Natural Disaster Prevention Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club]]


Japan is a popular tourist spot for foreigners. However, Japan is a rich in natural disaster country, so a lot of damage all over the prefectures every year.
Also, Japanese have the habit of taking the natural disaster prevention experience for future.

Why don't you try to join us for this event, and for some experience of natural disaster!
[Date] September 1st (Sun)
[Meeting Time and Point] 11:45am in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
[Capacity]15 people
・11:45am Leaving Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro
・13:10pm Starting to experience of natural disaster
1. Movie about East Japan Earthquake on March 11th of 2011
2. Urban flooding experience
3. Earthquake simulation
4. Firefighting training
5. Storm simulation
・15:30pm Break up
[Fee]: Free
※Transportation cost excluded
※This event is only for Sakura Hotel guest & Sakura House residents.

[Things to bring]
Towel, Socks and Comfortable Shoes (Like a pair of sneakers)
※Please do not participate in the event wearing a skirt.
To sign up, please send a message:
[email protected]

1. Names (All the participants)
2. Sakura House Name & Room #/ Sakura Hotel & Hostel's Name &Check in Date
3. Email
4. Nationality
5. Gender

***Photography/Movie Usage Agreement/Injury・Accident***
We are glad that you agree the right to Sakura Hotel and its group company Sakura House to use your photograph(s) or movie(s) in their advertisement, including follows/
-Web pages
-Flyers and Brochures
-As apart of advertisement material for magazines, newspaper, and other media.



Members of Tokyo City Guide Club will be guiding this tour as a volunteer. We shall no take any responsibility in the event of accidents.

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Posted by: Ryuhei (August 28, 2019 2:54 AM)

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