I had three days off so I went to KATSUURA city in CHIBA prefecture.

Taking a train takes 3 hours and a half. You need to transfer a few times.

Taking a bus is much easier than it. It takes 2 hours from Tokyo station.

The transportation fee is about 2,000yen.


Where is it located in Chiba???

Katsuura city is famous for fishing, Tantan-men, beautiful beach.


It is very countryside but it reminds me of my hometown.

I tried to eat Tantan-men.


It is a classic dish originating from Chinese Sichuan Cuisine, and consists of a spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork and scallions served over noodles.

It was so good!!!

If you have any chance to go, please visit there!

You can feel relax and enjoyable to see many local things★

Posted by: Sumire (August 12, 2019 12:47 PM)

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