Hello Everyone!

We set up a beverage booth at the design festival in August 3rd and 4th★
and served some alcohol and special drink that called Hybrid drink.


They have 3 kind of flavor Peach and Kiwi,Blueberry★

Actually, It was sold out almost in 2hours after started!!!!!!

Its not Tapioca but looks like almost same and also texture is like Japanese IKURA(Salmon roe).


So We located middle and people have to pass through around us if they come in entrance★

This mean is........good location,right?????!!!!(^^)

After all sold out of Hybrid drinks,We still had a lot of cool alcohol.



We served all visiters for sure but recommended especially for the people after work!!!!!

They must be need cool alcohol,right???☆彡

Otherwise,There were some snacks in this festival!!


We are going to set up another things next festival★

These kind of festival going to be in Spring and Summer, Autumn!!!

You will be enjoy with us!!!

Have a wonderful Summer!!!

Posted by: trainee (August 5, 2019 4:15 PM)

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