Hello everyone! yesterday I went to Sakura Group Partner with my manager and my Sakura Hotel friends together.
It was my first time that I went to 300Bar in Ginza and Design Festa Gallery at Harajuku also went to Sakura-Tei (Okonomiyaki&Monjayaki)


For of all I will show you Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku I very nice design building and Art.

Design Festa Gallery is devoted to supporting freedom of expression regardless of an artist's age, nationality, language or preferred medium.
From the smallest space to the largest room there are 71 different exhibition locations available at Design Festa Gallery,
guaranteeing a new and unique experience for each and every visitor.



After that we went to Sakura-Tei behind Design Feata Gallery

Sakura-Tei they are very famous for Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki

Yesterday we ate a lot and all are buffet *0* ohhhh plus drink bar it only 1900 (including Tax) it was so cheap! >w



After we finished lunch we also went to 300bar

Everywhere that we went yesterday all Sakura Company Partner!


We learned a lot for this time and hope that we all can help Sakura Hotel more than now!

We are recommend you to visit Our Company Partner too! Because it very nice experience to learn new thing too!

Posted by: trainee (July 25, 2019 12:24 PM)

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