Hi, I hope all of you are doing well.

I am excited that Summer is coming soon!

Speaking of Summer, have you ever seen a Wind bell?


I believe that it is a common Summer custom in Japan to hang a wind bell on a window.

We call then "Fu-rin" which is written (wind)(Bell),


Personally, I like to listen its ringing, making me feel relieved and peaceful mind.

Last summer, I went to a wind bell shop and tried to make own my one by myself.

Actually, the glass part was already made so you can just paint it with oil paint.

The shop is located at somewhere in Tokyo but it is called EDO-FU-RIN.


They taught us how to paint it so that we can make it beautiful.

My wind bell has been hung on the hook in my room nearby window.

It was much more difficult more than I thought and I enjoyed!!!!

Now, are you interested in making your own wind bell?

Ask me if you want to get more information!


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Posted by: Sumire (July 13, 2019 12:51 PM)

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