Hi there, hope you are having great day!

In Tokyo.... finally summer is here!!yaay

I am super happy to have sun, can't wait to do something fun during summer!

What is your plan in summer?

Today I will show you my favorite place in Japan which is very accesible from Tokyo!

It is Fuji Yoshida area :)

2 weeks ago, one of my friends from scotland have arrived Tokyo.

I really wanted to show him Mt Fuji, the most beautiful mountain ever!

So I took him to my favorit place which is called "Arakurayama Sengen Park"?in Yamanashi Prefecture.

There are looooong stairs to go up so you would be overwelmed first but it worth doing it, believe me!

image4 (1).jpeg

When you finish that long stairs....

you will see great view like this!!!!!!!


Come on...Why are you so shyyyy???

Yeah, as you see unfortunately we couldn't see whole Mountain ;( so sad....

But I am gonna show you picture I took in winter!!

It was suppoed to be like this!!!

? ? ? ? ?

image3 (1).jpeg



I love this view, so I want everyone go there!!

Arakurayama sengen park is in Fujiyoshida area which has great Udon.

You should definately try "Yoshida Udon" if you get chance.

My friend tried Curry Udon.

That Udon place was awesome because it was literally japanese traditional house.

He really enjoyed it but looked too hard for him to sit down on the floor.... haha

There is "Kawaguchi Lake" nearby, so you can hang around the lake as well.

It takes just 2 hours by bus from Tokyo, and costs like around 4000yen for round trip.

There are some bus locations, so you should check this out!

Why don't you visit Fuji yoshida area to see Mt Fuji for as day trip?

I really hope you will have great time there!!!

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