Hello(^V^) Im Aya!!
I was a trainee before,and then i had training at Sakura hostel Asakusa.

I had some event with our nice gursts.
so I'll let you know about that.

The picture is when i went to watching Sumo that traditional Japanese sports!

IMG_1987 (1).JPG

and We ate famouse food for sumo wrestler that called CHANKO NABE!!

It is kind of hot pot in Japan★

It was deliciaus.

you should try it if you go there.im sure you like it(^^*)

IMG_1988 (1).JPG

This is when we held Temaki sushi party!!

Almost people have never tried to do this,so They felt sooooo excited☆彡


IMG_2390 (1).JPG

This is when we held FOOD EVENT at Ikebukuro!!

They were our guests and They cooked traditional food that called CHICKEN ADOBO from philippine!

It was a little bit sweet but soooooo tasty★

We made TAKOYAKI that famous food in OSAKA instead!!!

We really enjoy it!!!


chicken adobo.jpg

As you know right now,We hold many event every month at each branch,Our guests could be enjoy it with us☆

See you sooooon!!!

Posted by: trainee (July 18, 2019 6:23 PM)

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