Hello everyone! This is a trainee, Natsumi!
Today, I will write about my small trip in Germany. Last time, I talked about one in Frankfurt but today, I will talk about one in Fulda.?
easter eggs.jpeg

Fulda is a small town and is situated in northern part of Frankfurt. I was actually staying in my friend's house in Fulda. So I will mainly introduce some food I had in my firend's house on today's blog.

For breakfast, I ate some small bread (brötchen) with hams, sausages, salami, butter, jams, cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal and so on...!

I could show you one of brötchen below!

I could also show boiled eggs here below! Maybe you would be surprised because they are so colorful! Th reason why they are so is,,,that a long time ago, they were made and sold just for Easter but now, you could buy them at super markets all year round.
easter eggs.jpeg
In japan, you sometimes eat grilled sausages for breakfast don't you? but my friend told me that in Germany, they don't usually eat warm sausages(boiled nor grilled) but cold ones for breakfast.

Conversely, for lunch and dinner, they eat warm sausages or warm food. Ok from now, I will introduce some other dishes.

This is Sauerkraut, mashed potato and knödel.
mit sawar .jpeg

This is käse(seasoned meat) and potato salad(Kartoffeln salat).

This is keiserschmarrn with apple sauce (for dessert).

This is fried mashed potato with cream cheese(I forgot the name).
potato and cream cheese .jpeg

This is Schnitzel and small hash browns.

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