Hello, everyone! This is a trainee, Natsumi(^^♪

Today, I will write about my trip in Germany. I actually went to Germany for several times while I was in Paris for some reason...(^_-)-☆. I will separate in some parts and today's blog is Part 1.


When I visited Germany, I was with one of my German friends. He was a student from University of Frankfurt and we visited there so many times together. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of university... but I took a photo of one statue in a campus.
This statue was made with many different foreign vocabularies. It is in Westend campus! I think it represents the intelligence of human.

I also visited a famous sightseeing place. This is called Römerberg.
rema .jpeg

There is also a bridge where people can lock a forever key of lovers, friends, family etc.???? (I don't remember the name of this bridge...). This is a photo I took from that bridge!

I will also introduce German food a little bit here.

This is a grilled sausage(Bratwurst) with bread.
sausege .jpeg

This is reindeer meat with purple cabbage sauce and 2 balls made with potato( whish has a sticky texture, I don't clearly remember the name, maybe it is called Knödle)
deer meat.jpeg

This is fried white fish with tartar sauce and some pieces of grilled potato.
fried fisg.jpeg

Everything was very delicious anyway! I will write more about German food on my next blog! Please wait for it a little bit more(^^)
Thank you!


Posted by: trainee (June 1, 2019 4:58 PM)

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