Hi, this is Sumire, I am in charge of the monthly event.
last month, we held making Japanese Sweets in Kawagoe with Ambassador Ms. Ariya! It was the first challenge for us.
We left the hotel at 10 am with participants and took a train to Kawagoe station. It is 30 minutes away!

And we took a bus to Ichiban street to take a walk.
She guided us with plenty of knowledge about the long history of the city and all buildings.


Around at 11:30am, we arrived at the Japanses Sweets shop which has a long history and produce many delicious Japanses Sweets, called Kashichi.

The master of the shop taught us how to make them.
It was much more difficult than I tought!

All guests seemed be impressed by seeing the master's professional way to make and use special tools for Japanese pattern on them.


After they made, we tried to eat them.

It was delicious and you can feel defferent taste by just buying ready-made Japanses sweets.
Aftertoward, we visited the villa of Yamazaki which is the Japanses traditional house, was built by 5th generation owner of KAMEYA after his retired.

The house was very beautiful and interior space and furnitures were old‐fashioned.

I am so happy that they had a good experience and so much fun!!!
I can guarantee you to have a great opportunity with us if you can join us.

We hope to see you someday★


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Posted by: Sumire (June 4, 2019 2:36 PM)

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