Where is the best place to visiy in Tokyo?

Many our guests ask us at the front desk.

As so, I always recommed them to go to Asakusa if they haven't been yet!

"What to do in ASAKUSA?


1 you can see the big gate called "Kaminarimon" which means a short mane of Fuuraijin-mon.


Many people take a picture in front of the gate.

Once you pass through the gate, you can see the main street which is called "Nakamise-street" locating many kind of street foods and souvenir shops.

2 Enjoying shopping and trying to eat Japanese traditional things!!!!


A rice cracker, Mochi, Dango...

They have a great reputation!

A good way is you can enjoy the foods as you walk.

3 The temple when you pass through the street.



The temple called "Senso-ji" which is the oldest buddeist in Tokyo.

On the last day of evey year, many poeple visit to worship so it is always crowded on the day.

But I can guarantee that you can enjoy to spend in there!

Ask me how to get there or more details!★

Posted by: Sumire (June 24, 2019 2:31 PM)

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