Hi, this is Sumire!
I would like to inform you that we will have new event of Japanese Sweets making tour in Kawagoe with Kawagoe Ambassador in this month, May.
It will be held on 30th May, Thursday.

The time is still undecided but we will announce you as soon as we dicided!
Kawagoe is famous for Koedo which has a long history and old fashioned street and foods.
At the event, we are going to the Japanese sweets shop which has been built since Edo era.

It is called "KAMEYA" and they have so delicious Japanese sweets.
The master will teach us how to make them.


It costs approximately 2,000yen to 2,500yen.
I have not made any Japanese foods by myself but I am sure that it will be fun and a precious experience for you.
Aftertoward, the Kawagoe Ambassador "Mrs Ariya" is goind to show you aroud Kawagoe main street and teach you the old history.

You can learn about Kawagoe history and enjoy local dishes!
Please check out more detail. You can see by HP!!!

Exciting event is coming up soon!!!!

Posted by: Sumire (May 5, 2019 2:56 PM)

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