Hi there!
I've been to Odaiba during my break last time★
And then I found super duper funny vending machine!!!!!!!

In japan,there are so many vending machines which you can't find and imagine in your country.

Look at this!!!!?? "RAMEN" (^▽^)(^▽^)(^▽^)

Oh my god....how wonderful in jpan.hahaha

These preserved by canning to eat anytime. So it means you can eat as soon as you bought it.

soooo convenient isn't it????Also you can choose between? three different flavours,Soy sause,Miso,Pork bone soup.


Woow!! LOOOOOOOK at this also!!!!

Here you can buy Miso soup, Oden(It is traditional Japanese stew) Tonjiru(Pork miso soup),Juice,Beer, cofee.....

It's possible to take lunch or tea time only with this vending machine.

I feel Japanese? are good at pursuing convenience.


I never tryed these productions,but i guess must be good taste so i wanna try it shortly.

Let's discover new world in Japan together, sakura hotel staffs are always welcome for you~~~~~♪

Posted by: trainee (May 14, 2019 7:44 PM)

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