Hello everyone! This is Natsumi, a trainee here!

Today, I will talk about my Christmas story in Poland✨ This is my small trip when I was studying in Paris!

Ok, speaking of Christmas, what comes to your head?? Yes, Christmas tree!
This is a Christmas tree in my polish friend's house! There is actually a present for me under the tree hehehe

This is a present from my friend♢♡♢♡! This beautiful pattern on this cup is called "Polish Pottery". I don't really remember how to say that in polish...I still often use it to have tea at home (^^♪
polish cup.jpeg

Ok, from now on, I will talk about Christmas food in Polish!!

This is a breakfast. I actually had some bread, cheese, potato salad, pickled paprika! Maybe I alreeady wrote about polish breakfast in another post before!

In the Christmas morning, I also had some sausages! One was with black pepper inside and another was without. Both of them were soooo delicious! It goes well with mustard but also with polish Wasabi!!

This is Polish Wasabi. The original one is white but my friend's mother loves to cook and she added beet when she made it! That is why it has a pink color.

For snack time, I had these ginger cookies. I ate too much even before dinner because it was very deliciou!! xD

Finally, dinner!! First picture is a beet soup with Perogi and second one is mushroom soup! They were all made by my friend's mother!
murasaki soup.jpeg

These are also dessert made by my friend's mother. I don't remember the name but anyway it was so yummyyyyy!

On today's blog, I only wrote, delicious, delicious, delicious,,,,but that means that you could have a very delicious food in Poland! If you have any chance to go abroad, I recommend you to go to Poland maybe in warm season!!(^^♪

Posted by: trainee (May 22, 2019 9:23 PM)

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