Hi, this is a inform you that our special event coming up 19th April Friday.

We will hold the event called "Zen Meditation Tour in Kawagoe Guided by Kawagoe Goodwill Ambassador".

Actually, this is the first challenge to hold for our guest.



Have you seen or done it before?

We call it ZAZEN in Japanese.

Zazen has begun almost 2,500 years ago when Buddha achieved enlightenment through Zen meditation in India, and nowadays it became to be the one of popular Japanese culture to keep their mind calm and clear.

We will take you to the temple which is held Zen meditation and has a beautiful garden.

First, we will take a train taking about 30 minutes away from Ikebukuro station.

And we will take a tour around Ichiban street which is known by old history and having many old buildings.


After towards, the master of Zen meditation will teach you how to do ZAZEN.


And you can drink a Japanese tea for free.

Such a beautiful garden!!!!

More detail:


*Date:?April 19th (Friday)

*Meeting Time and Point: 11:50 AM at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

*Schedule: 12:00 Leaving Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro

12:40 Get into Kawagoe Station

13:00 Walking and eating around Ichiban street

14:00 Start Zazen

14:30 Drinking a Japanese tea at the garden

15:00 Break Up (Stay in Kawagoe or Back to Ikebukuro Station)

*Fee:1,500 yen(Including participation fee of Zazen charge and a Japanese Tea

※transportation cost excluded (470 yen / one way)

Only if you need... Toby Railway and bus all-access pass available for 1,000 yen

*The event is only for Sakura Hotel guests & Sakura House residents.


Please inform us if you are interested in join us.

Thank you!!!


Posted by: Sumire (April 13, 2019 2:37 PM)

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