Hi, this is Sumire who is in charge of the event held yesterday.

Have you done Zen Meditation before?

Probably mostly people have just heard about it.

Even me it was the first experience to learn the Zen world...


This event is the first challenge by collaborating with Kawagoe Embassy, Mrs. Ariya!

I was happy that 9 guests joined us and they are from Canada, German, Mexico and American, Singapore and Portuguese.


We left the hotel to Kawagoe station which is approximately 30 minutes away without transfer. And we got there around 1 pm.

First, we took a walk through the old town called Ichibangai where is the most famous place in Kawagoe.


You can see many old architectures and foods since they have long history.

All guests were very excited and impressed by Ariya's knowledge of this street.


After towards we moved to the temple which has a beautiful garden and long history and a monk living there.


The monk is a master of Zen Meditation.


We learned about Zen's and temple's history.

One thing I learned about Zen world was it is very deep and deep.

Finally, we tried to do Zen meditation!


He taught us how to sit and pose and what you have to think during the meditation.

Well... basically you must not think anything because that is for meaning of Zen meditation.


Everyone said it is hard to concentrate to nothing to think for even few minutes...

It was true! I felt the same way!!!!

However, I believe that it must worth for doing yourself to clean up your mind and refresh.


If you have a chance to join us next time and you are interested in Zen world, please contact us!!

I hope to see you next time★

Posted by: Sumire (April 20, 2019 7:27 PM)

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