Hello everyone!

I'm Aya that a new staff at Sakura hotel in Ikebukuro.

I started working just a few days ago,so i'll introduce about me for you guys!


↑In Horseshoe Bend

A few month ago,i've lived in Canada(Vancouver) just for a year.

Because i've wanted to study English and work with foreigners in another country.

And also i've heard that there are many people who are from around the world in Vancouver, then I felt like that is interested to me so I chose going to Canada.

I used to work in the cafe for ten month.

It was good experience in my life that i'll never forget.

I was able to meet a lot of amazing customers and staffs.They were friendly and we talked many things about each other

even i can't speak English enough:)

Actually when i went to Mexico, I lost my phone so almost pictures has gone.....

I really want to attach it but i'll do another pictures insted.That is when i went to America it's my last trip before back to Japan.Sorry about that...


↑In Antelope Canyon


↑In Las Vegas

And through this experience,I thought i want to work to help foreigners who comes to Japan.

I'll do my best to become to your help as fast as possible!

You should have fun with Japanese food,different culture between your countries and amazing experience in Japan!!!

I'm looking foward to meet you guys at Sakura Hotel!

Thank you!


Posted by: trainee (April 19, 2019 12:09 PM)

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