Hello there.

Japanease people drink "Green Tea" all season.

BTW, there are many kind of Green Tea, did you know!?

You can see what is a different between "Sencha", "Bancha" and "Macha" something like that.


According to the green tea labeling standard of the Japan Tea Industry Central Association, hojicha is a type of green tea and is defined as being'produced by roasting sencha or bancha leaves athigh heat.

In other words, it means Gyokuro, Bancha, Hojicha (roasted green tea), Genmaicha (tea with roasted rice) and so on, other than Sencha (in anarrow sense).


Green Tea is almost synonymous with unfermentedtea(不発酵茶) in scholarly classification, but in Japan it generally means Sencha (in a broad sense) simply, the green tea which is produced mostoften.


~Sencha 煎茶~

'Sencha' in the narrow sense refers to middle classgreen tea between Gyokuro (refined green tea) (high-quality tea) and Bancha (coarse tea) (low-quality tea).


~Hojicha ほうじ茶~

Hojicha (written as ほうじちゃ or 焙じ茶) is a type of Japanese green tea, generally referring to tea madewith roasted tea leaves.


~Genmaicha 玄米茶~

Genmaicha is a mixture of almost the sameamount of bancha (coarse tea) or occasionallysencha green tea heated at high temperatures, and brown rice steamed and roasted until it gets a lightginger color or bursts like popcorn.



I recommend you "Hojicha ほうじ茶"

There are many kind of Hojicha food in Japan.

I'm sure you will like it!!


Hojicha Latte Ice cream



Hojicha Latte Frappe


Please try it if you find the Hojicha food!!

Posted by: Ryuhei (December 10, 2017 5:49 PM)

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