Hello you guys :)This is YURI from sakura hotel IKEBUKURO!!!
Today i'd like to introduce about Japanese cute snacks that you can't find in your country!!
In Japan it's important the taste is good but also we focus on appearance is beautiful or cute ,funny etc.....
image1 (1).jpeg

You know here in Japan there are a lot of anime and manga caharacter.
So sometimes we can find kind of cute snacks in convenience store.
Japanese productions always make me surprised and fun! It's so creative isn't it??It's very "Kawaii"~~~~~~~~??
The picture below is "Rilakkuma" It means relax bear.Literally!Heheheh
In your first bite,must be scary or sad feeling?????!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!! Very pitty~~~~~~~!!!Hahahahhha
When you come to Japan plese find them and show your friends♪
see you in Japan!

Posted by: trainee (April 27, 2019 9:09 PM)

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