Hello, everyone. This is Natsumi! Today I'll write about 3 places where I've been to for Hanami with my friends this year????
hanami o3.jpg

No.1 Odaiba-Kaihin-Koen(お台場海浜公園) ????

This park is normally famous for a dating-spot, when it's not sakura-season, It has the beautiful beach and you can also ride on a ferry, called "Tokyo Cruise "!
hanami o2.jpg

This is a picture of cherry blossom trees behind the beach???? You can picnic while watching the sea and the rainbow bridge which is very nice at night☆ 
hanami o4 .jpg

No.2 Ueno-Koen (上野公園)????

This is a quite large park in Ueno, where some museums, some cafes and a zoo are all inside. You can enjoy cherry blossoms everywhere while walking and of course eating under the trees.
hanami u3.jpeg

When the evening starts, paper lanterns are on burning on the tress like this.
hanami u.jpg

No.3 Rikugien-koen(六義園)????

This is a garden park and you can enjoy a romantic landscape for each season. This park is usually opened until 17:00, but for a Hanami-season, it's opened until 21:oo to illuminate cherry blossom trees!
I couldn't take the picture so clearly because it was rainy... but I really recommend you to go, especially at night☆
Btw, sakura-illumination term is until April 3th! so please decide to go as soon as possible if you are interested in! Also, you have to pay the entering fee(^^♪

In this blog, I introduce just only 3 spots but there are so many places where you can enjoy Hanami everywhere in Japan! Hanami-term will end very soon. Enjoy it everyone????

Posted by: trainee (April 2, 2019 5:22 PM)

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