Hello everyone! This is Natsumi(^^♪ Today, I'll write about my trip with my italian friend in Italy !
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During I was studying in Paris, I went to Bologna and Venezia and stayed in my italian freind's appartment.

My friend is a student of university of Bologna, so she showed it to me while we were there. This is an exterior of the university. It was built in 1088...it is a very historically important place.

There are 2 towers called "Le due torri" in a campus. It has an interesting superstition. If students of university of Bologna go up to the top, they wouldn't be able to graduate from...My friend didn't go up to of course haha!
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I also visited Venezia. I enjoyed food and landscape, and I also bought an accessory with a beautiful stone from Venezia for a souvenior.

Btw, I found the italien food culture very interesting! For example, many people in Italy usually eat sweets for breakfast(My friend told me so. I hope it's right!) I ate this cookie with milk. This is a popular cookie brand, "Mulino Bianco"! I also ate a piece of cheescake. It was a little heavy on my stomach but very good(;'∀')
IMG_4365 (2).jpg

For italian food, "tortellini" is also famous! I ate them in consommé soup and in white cream. It was also very delicious!

If you have a chance to go to Italy, please try to visit Bologna and Venezia(*´▽`*) See you soon! Bye-bye!

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Posted by: trainee (March 11, 2019 1:06 PM)

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