Hai, Hanif is here~

Look's like Cherry blossom or sakura season is getting near.

Well, everyone is knowing that cherry blossom's season is around April. at least for Kantou

But, actually, without knowing that, still you can know that the sakura season is coming.

When restaurant and cafe offered the sakura season menus!

For example, Starbucks.

Starbucks offered 2 new menus for Sakura season.

Sakuraful Milk Latte?? and
Sakuraful Frappucino

The next example is GODIVA.

If i'm not mistaking, the name should be White Chocolate Sakura Lala.

And last but no least, Our sakura cafe Ikebukuro!

We also have the drinks that based on the Sakura season.

Sakura Cafe Latte and also Sakura Tea Latte!
Personally i really love Sakura Tea latte. The taste is, hmm, maybe you need to
come here and try it by yourself.


Posted by: trainee (February 16, 2019 8:00 AM)

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