Hello everyone! This is Natsumi! Today, I will talk about my trip in Poland with my Polish friend!

I went to Warsaw to visit my Polish friend when I was studying in Paris. My friend went to the university of Warsaw to study Japanese, so I visited there with her and entered the building of department of Japanese language.

This is the entrance of the university. I heard that this university has the highest level of education in Poland. It really looks like what it is like haha!

When I got out of the campus, I found some surely attractive chairs. This is one of them. This is chair which play classic music made by a famous Polish composer (I forgot the name...)
music chair.jpeg

At evening, I visited the old city town called " Starówka" and took some pictures in front of the statue with my friend and other students together.

After that, we went to a restaurant called "Zapiecek" which has many branches everywhere in Poland.
This is called "zurek". It tastes a little bit sour.


A dish in the back is called "pierogi". There is some meat inside and they are actually grilled. I forgot the name of the dish at the front.

I also visited the house of my friend. This is a breakfast I ate in her house. This is a potato salad, bread, some pieces of hams and some cheese. She told me that people often eat potato and meat. I was wondering that the food culture was a little bit similar to the one in Germany!

If you have any chances to go to Europe, please visit Warsaw! See you soon!

Posted by: trainee (April 5, 2019 1:26 PM)

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