Today I would like to share with you my NEW favorite food.

I went to Sapporo last month as you can see by my previous article


I found an interesting food in Sapporo!

Actually I had heard the name of the food as famous and some of my friends recommended eating it.

It is called Jingisukan which is basically BBQ style baking mutton or lamb and some vegetables.


They use specific plate like this.

It is jaggedness on the top of the middle.


The taste is not so rich and you do not taste like a raw blood as you picture.

It is very delicious!

I bet you will love it too!


The other interesting is their interior decoration.


There is all counter table and you order directory face to face.

Probably you have to be lineup for a couple hours unless you are lucky...

I would like to go back to this place again if I visit to Hokkaido.

Or... maybe you can find their branch in Tokyo too!?

Well... let's find it out!!!LOL

If you have your favorite food to recommended, feel free to tell me!!!!

Thank you very much for reading again★

Posted by: Sumire (February 20, 2019 12:49 PM)

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