Hello people!

Hope you all are doing well.

About this time last year, I went to Nagoya to see my friends and it was very nice so let me share about it with you.

I believe that Nagoya is known for great foods especially.

My friend took me to two different famouse restaurant for dinner in Nagoya city.

IMG_2701 (1).jpg

↑ The first restaurant we went was "味仙 (Misen)" that serves chinese food.



Omg I and my friends loved it.

If you like spicy food, you defenitely should try this restaurant!

The another one is " 風来坊 (Furaibo)"

IMG_2704 (2).jpg

I forgot to take picture of food at this place :(

But 手羽先 (Tebasaki) which is deep-fried chicken wingtip was awesome, I don't remember how many wings I had....

These two are defenitely worth trying when you go to Nagoya! I highly recommend!

There's one more famouse place I went in Nagoya city in daytime.


This place is named " Yabaton".

This restaurant is famouse for serving a delicious "味噌カツ (Miso katsu)".
I had "Miso katsu don" which is a bawl with fried pork dipped in Miso on the top.

My friend told me this place is always crowded.

Hope you guys have a chanc to try them when you are in Nagoya!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rino (February 17, 2019 12:41 PM)

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