One of our group companies is an art gallery called Dessign Festa Gallery.

It always displays works by various artists including amateurs and professionals alike.

It is located in Harajyuku which is the center of young culture in Japan


Anyway, since it is almost meaningless to explain art works verbally,
I'm gonna show some of the works there bellow.
These are the ones from the past exhibitions.





The gallery also has a cafe & bar.
When you feel overwhelmed by the uiqueness and the originality of the art wroks,

you can always rest and enyoy food and drinks while soaking yourself into the artistic atomosphere.



Of couse there are many museums in Tokyo and you can appreciate
works by world-famous artists there.

But It is still something to taste the talents of nameless artists in the bud.

Posted by: michikazu (February 23, 2019 7:19 AM)

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