Hi, everyone!

We held the special event "Japanese Tea Ceremony & Kawagoe Tour" by Kawagoe goodwill ambassador on 22nd February.


On the first time of this event, we had 15 participants however there was only two guests joined this time which is not expectation for us...

They are from Philippine and have been to Japan a few times already, they love Japanese foods and Japanese culture such as temple.

So it was very precious experience for them to try Tea Ceremony!!!

The master of tea ceremony taught fully us the history of this beautiful garden and building construction.


They told us that this structure made of a Japanese cedara cvyptomeria (Sugi) for long time ago.

They seemed to be so surprised and impressed.

And it is time to make a green tea!!!!


They let me try too this time.


It was very interesting! Even if you forgot process, you can see the instruction.

Especially the taste of tea you make is very delicious!

You can take a look in beautiful garden too!

Afterwards, we took them to the old street called Ichibangai.

Every time, she explains about the old history of the building or popular food.


Finally, we went to a candy street and soy sauce factory.

You can try a taste each for 200 yen!


We had a really good time!

If you have any chance to join us, please sign up next time★


Thank you for reading!!!


Posted by: Sumire (February 27, 2019 7:16 PM)

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