Hello everyone! It's Natsumi! This is the first time to write this blog!


I'm very happy to introduce myself to all of you! I'm a trainee now and started to work here recently for the first time!

I've actually studied before in Canada(Nova Scotia) and France(Paris) for 1 year for each. Please feel free to talk to me anytime in English, French and of course in Japanese!

This is a picture of "La Tour Eiffel"! It was cloudy (;'∀')


During I was staying in France, I went to several countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Canary islands and so on.

BTW, this is a picture I took in a car on the way to "PortAventura world"(a attraction park in Spain) from Pau in France xD There were a lot of sheep walking on the road!


This is actually a picture of "PortAventura World"! I enjoyed it so much!


My hobby is playing the piano and listening to music in '70~'80, especially "city pop" which is also called "J-AOR". If anyone know or is interested in this genre of music, let's talk about it together!(・ω・)ノI actually love Tatsuro Yamashita!

Ok, see you very soooon! bye-bye!

Posted by: trainee (February 28, 2019 4:28 PM)

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