Hi, This is Sumire!
I would like to share with you about our event held last month on 28th Jan Mon.
The event is called "Takoyaki Exchange Party".

The main purpose of this event is sharing your own special coutry's cousine such like your mom's homemade or traditional food.
In exchange, we make Takoyaki together.

We had two guests from Switzerland who made Takoyaki for the first time.
We taught them what Takoyaki are and how to make them.

I have already introduced about Takoyaki by previous article.

After making Takoyaki, they showed us their local dishes called Züri Gschnätzeltes.
We prepared all ingredients for them.

They told us that how much they love cooking and the history of the dishes behind.

Basically, Züri Gschnätzeltes contains of raw cream with white wine and lemon juice etc...
And they added chicken and some vegetables.

It looks quite easy to cook and like a Cream stew in Japanese.
They let me try to taste and it was so delicious.
Taste was rich but little bit salty.

It was so much fun to share food each other!
Your special dish might be on our menu at Sakura Cafe & Restaurant.
If you would like to have a chance and share with us,
please feel free to tell or e-mail us!!!

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Posted by: Sumire (February 3, 2019 7:00 PM)

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