One of the biggests entertainment disitricts in Tokyo is Shibuya.
Especially among young people, it is well known all over the country.
For foreigners, it is a good place to know what the culture of young Japanese people is like.
Here is a btt of introduction of Shibuya


This building is called "Shibuya 109". It is like the holiest fashion place for teenage girls.
I'll never have courage to go inside.



This dog is also very famous nationwide. Actually Hollywood made a movie about the dog.
He is called "Hachikou".
If you google him, you will know the reason why the statue of "Hachikou"was erected.
Now he is a good landmark as a meeting place.

This is kind of the hert of Shibuya. It is called "Shibuya center gai" ,
meaning Shibuya center shopping mall.


The very famous scramble intersection in front of Shibuya station.
It has appeared in TV dramas and movies many times before.
It is like a symbol conveying the idea how busy and prosperous Shibuya is

Anyway, it will be a lot of fun, just wandering around Shibuya.

Posted by: michikazu (February 13, 2019 7:23 AM)

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