Hello guys!

Hope you all are doing well

I'd like to talk about few of our guests I met recently.

These two cuties came from Korea and I did their check-in.


The girl on the right had very cute nails so I asked her to show me.


You may not know,? there's Japanese characters from "Osomatsu kun" which is a bit old anime on her thumbs.

She told me she really likes these characters haha

They were a group from Philippines.


Look at the matching t-shirts!

They are actually making animes in Philippines and a movie of their anime with the character on the shirts was released in Japan, so they came here for promotion.

These three were also from Philippines and were very fun people.


One morning, they asked me where they can wear Yukata and take photos in Tokyo, so I gave a lot of detailed information and they left Sakura Hotel.

Then, they finally came back with many bags of UNIQULO.
I asked them how was the Yukata thing and they said they ended up shopping at UNIQULO instead of Yukata.
I'm not sure about in other country but they often do sale in Japan! So yeah.... why not! lol

And this hilarious guy from U.S.


He was one of the guests I made so much effect to help. LOL

He came to Tokyo from Okinawa just for a few days, and was mainly to celebrate his birthday.
The reason why he chose Tokyo was because he wanted to climb Mt.Fuji on his birth day.

So he arranged everything for the moment from many months before and he was finally here.


But it was being said that strong typhoon is hitting on his birthday and I told him about that then he was literally shook. Like really sad.

I suggested him to change date etc but he was no energy and motivation and was just staying his room.

So, I was no choice other than calling his room and ask him to come to the front desk to talk with me. Haha

Then I managed to help him to change his flight schedule and book a bus goes to Mt.Fuji area and also to make him feel better. I hope.

Though I was off on the day he climbed Mt.Fuji, he sent us a few pictures of himself from Mt.Fuji!



I was so so happy he made it :*D

These things make our motivation to work and help our guests.

Hope I get to see you one day who's reading this blog!!!!!

Posted by: Rino (January 20, 2019 5:24 PM)

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