Happy New Year from brother Hanif!

uh.... No topics for the blog, ahaha

Let's talk about this year resolutions.
Hmm, nah, just about this month resolutions.

For me, i'm gonna read this book. The title is
年間1万人の外国人客が泊まる宿 サクラホステル浅草 体当たりおもてなし術
So long! make it simple, The book of Sakura Hotel.


This book is written by Kamata-san, The ex-manager of Sakura Hostel Asakusa,
the collections of stories about her experiences with Foreign guests, whether the good
experiences or the trouble and how to deal with it.

As an ex-major of International Communications student, this book is really interesting for me.
I can make a lot of research by reading this book only.

And also, because of the book is the collections of stories, it's feel like you are reading a short stories. No need to remember all of the contents.
If one long novel book, you need to remember all of the contents to fully understand the story.
This book, read 1 story, forget it, and read another 1. easy peasy.

For someone who studying Japanese language and culture, the book is quite easy to read, and
at the same time, you can understand the difference of culture.

So, please read!! oh ya, you can buy at amazon kindle, just 300yen.

Posted by: trainee (January 5, 2019 8:22 AM)

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