Hello and greetings!! How are you doing on new year's eve?:))

I went to one unique turkish restaurant called "Restaurant Zakuro" the other day.

A guest told me about this restaurant not too long ago and I've always wanted to come!!


At the entrance, You can get many kinds of goods from turkey and the neighboring counries like Iran and Uzbekistan at reasonable prices.

Like foods, clothes, and furniture like turkish carpet!!



Since "Zakuro" means pomegranates, they have pommegranates too!!


Once you go inside the restaurant, you can see all these turkish lamps on the ceiling!! Stunningly beautiful.


You can make your own at the affiliated lamp store near the restaurant as well :))

There is no chairs in the restaurants. You're gonna sit on the carpet and there is a flat table in front of you.

This time I had the lunch set called "Shiawase(Happy) lunch"!!

The course starts with the turkish tea.


A bit spicy soup and salad.


And here comes the main dishes. The chefs add the dishes on and on!!! You can stop whenever you are full.


Dried dates!!

トルコ スイーツ.jpg

Like stew, vegetable fry, and some sweets, including sweet potatos.


The have naan too!!

かき氷 トルコ.jpg

At ther end, I had this shaved ice.

This is not everything!! You can come here for entertaining yourself.

First, the owner, Ali, is such an comedian!!!!! You can go and see and talk to him.

And from 8:00PM, you can see the belly dancing show. you can have a blast with all the customers:DDD

Why not go and see what it's like ?? It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Have a happy new year and enjoy the holidays!!!(^^)/

Posted by: trainee (December 31, 2018 3:05 PM)

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