Today I would like to share with you about some guests who stayed in our hotel lately.

★From Australia

She very often comes back to stay with us.

Every time she comes back, she brings a chocolate, Lindt which is my favorite.


She always seems to be happy and gives me a lot of energy.

I hope that I want to be cheerful and healthy person like her, even if I get older.

★From Singapore

He is also a regular guest for us.


He taught me about some nice place to visit in his hometown, Sarawak.

There are multiple rare animals such as birds, Lizards and snakes.

As he told me about it, he gave us this big colorful lizard which is exist in their jungle.


I can not believe that they truly live...

But I really want to visit Singapore and see if it is true or not. Lol

★From Indonesia

He stayed us with his family and they are so kind.

He gave me kisses which I was deeply touched.

Uhmmmmmmmm so cuteeeee!!!!!


We have many guests from each different countries every single day.

Taking a picture with them is grateful.

And I hope that it will be special thing to remind you of staying with us, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!

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Posted by: Sumire (November 22, 2018 6:46 PM)

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