As you can tell from the title, this is Mt.Fuji taken by me a few weeks ago.


It's kinda embarrassing to say but it was my very first time visiting Fuji, Kawaguchi lake area.

At Sakura Hotel, people ask us often about Mt.Fuji and I actually wasn't really sure but now, I definitely can say that it's just worth visiting there.

Fortunately, I was blessed with great weather and could see very good view.

There's ropeway reaching on the top of other mountain where you can see amazing view of Fuji.



Although I was able to see beautiful Fuji from the bottom, wasn't lucky enough with the weather when I got on the top the mountain :( and somehow I forgot to take picture of the view from there. Lol

So, if you are wondering how it looks like, please go see it by yourself :) haha


If you go to this place with your lover, you shouldn't forget to ring this bell that is said you can be with your partner forever.

So please ring it only when you are with someone you really want to stay with for long. lol


There's also a cafe that you can have some Japanese snacks and sweets.



I took "Hoji tea" and "Matcha ice cream" ;P

It's only about 2 hours distant from Tokyo, so it can be a day trip! So easy!

Please visit here if you are lack of things to do.

Posted by: Rino (December 9, 2018 1:36 PM)

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