Hey guys, It's Hanif!

Yesterday!! The temperature in Tokyo, is the lowest, 0' C!! fuhh~ very cold
To endure this temperature, my recommendation inner, is Hi--Tech Uniqlo!
(you really can feel the difference)

Oh ya, 2 weeks ago, I started moving to the new house.
Before, I lived in Chiba, and now is Saitama.

Moving the clothes little by little. My budget way, by not to use the transportation company.
In Japan, the transportation company is so expensive.

The house's size is 2DK. (1 Western style room, 1 Japanese style room or tatami room)
This is the tatami room (The pictures is a little bit dark). shoganaidesu. This is my bedroom.
The other room, I will make it as a gaming room, or work station. My long lasted dream!
Maybe gonna buy a new GPU, RTX maybe. haha
waku-waku suru ze.

Next! gonna talk about the hotel guest.

The is brother Izham, from Malaysia. Our name is quite same.
(coz my name is Izhar Hanif)

It's a little bit unfortunate for him, coz on the 2nd day in Japan, his son
caught a cold. So, need to use money on a medicine. You know medicine
is quite expensive in Japan.

This picture!! just a cute tissue box. The cats on top of each other.
I really like the cat. So, all of cat things, looks cute or kawai. aha

Posted by: trainee (December 12, 2018 7:06 AM)

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