Hello there!! Hope you're doing well:))

There are so many light-up demonstrations that you can enjoy throughout Japan, especially around Tokyo area!!!

Today, I'm gonna tell you about the one at Umihotaru parking area, an artificial island located on Tokyo Aqua-line expressway, connecting Kanagawa and Chiba!!!

You can enjoy the panoramic ocean vista, seafoods, shopping, foot bath, all at once!! Perfect destination for hitting the road:DD

海ほたる イルミネーション.jpg

Going through this tunnel, you can get to the island!!

海ほたる トンネル 入口.jpg

You can take pictures with these monuments and night scenery in the background.


"Umi" literally means ocean, and "Hotaru" means fireflies, so all these lightups are themed on the namesakes.

海ほたる ライトアップ いるか.jpg

海ほたる 階段手すり.jpg

You can even meet this cutie in the complex!! He's called "Chi-ba kun", a mascot character of Chiba prefecture.

チーバ君 正面.jpg

When you look at him from the side, you can see the shape of Chiba prefecture.(Even his tongue is the part of the terrain!)

チーバくん 横向き.jpg

It might be chilly outside, due to the sea breaze during winter time, but it must be worth a look when you have a chance.

Bye for now(^^)/

Posted by: trainee (December 22, 2018 3:59 PM)

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