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Hello and greetings!! How are you doing on new year's eve?:))

I went to one unique turkish restaurant called "Restaurant Zakuro" the other day.

A guest told me about this restaurant not too long ago and I've always wanted to come!!


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You know, Japanese people love lunch boxes.

Many people bring their packed box lunches to their offices or colleges as well as kids to schools.

With that practice in a background, it's natural you will see many packed box lunches at train stations, super markets, anywhere people gather.

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Hellooo everyone!

it's Rino from Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro :D

I'll be talking about one of the nicest places for a short trip from Tokyo today!

Have you ever heard of "Izu" which is located in Shizuoka prefecture?


It's about only one hour from Tokyo by bullet train.

I took bullet train to Atami from Tokyo and took local train to "Jogasaki coast station".

It's better talking long than showing pictures so I'll just leave them here!



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Hello there!! Hope you're doing well:))

There are so many light-up demonstrations that you can enjoy throughout Japan, especially around Tokyo area!!!

Today, I'm gonna tell you about the one at Umihotaru parking area, an artificial island located on Tokyo Aqua-line expressway, connecting Kanagawa and Chiba!!!

You can enjoy the panoramic ocean vista, seafoods, shopping, foot bath, all at once!! Perfect destination for hitting the road:DD

海ほたる イルミネーション.jpg

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We have many guests from different countries every single day as you know.

This is a group guests from New Zealand

They are so cute and polite, wearing uniform of high school.


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Hu Ho hai~ It's me Hanif.
Recently, I'm quite busy with moving house, need to change address, need to buy new furniture, and etc...

Well, with living at a new places, there's also make me do a new things.
One of it is, after back from work, breakfast at Gasto. huhuhu

Look at the pictures below. So yummy~


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