Hi everyone how are you?
I'm Endo a new trainee at Ikebukuro.
Previous my training place was Hotel Continental Fuchu which our group company.
I highly recommend at Hotel Continental has special buffet wich name "Tohoku Bokujo restaurant" !!
They are using wild herb produced from Tohoko Bokujo Farm.

This is entrance of Hotel Continental

2.jpg 1.jpg

Fresh organic salad.Fresh two type of eggs!!

9.jpg 8.jpg

Dandelion and prosciutto Salad Genoa source and Raw spring rolls with Asiatic Dayflower

Not only wild plants menu also there are japanese, chinese and western style menu.

Here is desert menu!! There is some more!


Here is desert menu!! There is some more!


And also there are organic wild herb teas.

Why don't you come to Fuchu and try them!!

See you.

Posted by: trainee (November 8, 2018 4:41 PM)

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